Courage, Dignity, and Life

How much we yearn for courage and dignity in this country we live in. When we see someone who is straightforward, defending their case with fervor, or not afraid of anything, we bow before them with respect and keep saying, “how nice to know that such people still exist.” But are we able to show this courage no matter the consequences and risks? Or are we underestimating its place in our lives because we’re not a journalist, politician, or activist? Or do we believe ourselves to be courageous because we only challenge something with our know-it-all opinions on our social media accounts?

I’m asking what we’re doing within our lives. I’m asking about our staying quiet at a meeting, even though we have an opposing opinion or obeying that person we can’t stand just because we’re afraid of our comfort zone being breached. I’m asking why we don’t take on responsibility for making this life and this world a better place when we have countless mental resources that can be turned into physical power. Instead of running after the big picture, it’s beneficial to first turn the lens toward ourselves since, even though we’re the fiercest defenders of peace, we still fail at showing tolerance for those closest to us. No matter what our responsibilities, we owe ourselves honesty. Take a pen and paper and sit down to write. You’re the only person who can begin imparting change upon those areas that don’t conform to your values and life. Don’t be fooled to believe that there’s no other option, there’s always another way.

The next time we applaud that courage, won’t it be nice to also applaud ourselves?



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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