Things That are Going Well

Whenever we find ourselves at an inevitable time of change or crisis, our first reflex is to focus on the problem and try to find a solution. We may not notice it at first, but many things in our lives are actually going well during those times. But how is it that they are going well? We don’t spend too much time thinking about that or we just accept the positive aspects as something natural. Yet, taking a closer look at how and why good things are going the way they are provides us with concrete examples of how bad things can be solved.  

If most aspects of our lives are going well and if we’re having trouble in a specific area, then we may not be doing as bad as we think we are. Perhaps we are choosing to use our talents in limited areas. Maybe we are spending most of our energy on certain issues. Maybe we have a limited belief that we have been carrying around since childhood that we refuse to let go of. We may not be able to see where exactly we are sabotaging ourselves. Then we must try to see where we are taking solid steps. What are we naturally talented at, interested in and drawn to? When are we compassionate, patient and tolerant? What are some things that are very difficult for others, but are easy peasy to us? What are we doing right? What kind of role do we play in things that are going well in our lives?

The aim of these questions is not to increase our feelings of gratitude or flatter ourselves, but to take our problem-solving skills to a new level. It will be possible to use our creativity in an expanded capacity when we change the direction of our focus.


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