Warning, Danger!

Do you sometimes also miss that world from your own childhood? I’m especially asking those who are past their thirties. That world full of unawareness and dangers where people smoked everywhere, left their keys under doormats or flowerpots, didn’t have baby seats in their cars, didn’t care much about safety belts, didn’t know about the word organic, allowed their kids to eat candy from wandering sellers, and didn’t make their children’s grades the main topic of their daily conversations!

As far as I remember, life in the city was like this up until the 90s and it was probably quite normal for the elders and children of that time. After all, we live in a country that wrote a song about one of the culinary concession demanded during entrance talks to the European Union (kokoreç).

However, in the past years our need for security has increased so much, we perceive every person as a potential danger and every unknown as a threat. We now expect the outcome of all our decisions to be the healthiest and most correct and effective. We don’t want to send our children to a school unless it’s the best. We don’t accept that job if it doesn’t guarantee anything. We don’t work on a relationship if he or she is not the partner of our dreams. We don’t break up with someone if it’s going to affect our comfort. If the outcome isn’t going to abide exactly to our expectations, we don’t even try. We don’t believe in utterances unless they are promised. In fact, sometimes even when something is promised we still want to see a signature of some kind. We buy insurance, put up spiked fences, and as if steel doors weren’t enough, we set up alarm systems.

The need for feeling secure is one of our species’ most basic and natural necessities. But where does necessity end and excessiveness begin, I think since a few years some of us are unable to distinguish between the two. Everything is done to remove danger. The thing we lose among all these safety measures and informed apprehension is the thrill and feeling of adventure that taking risks produces, or the lightheartedness in regards to life not being as dangerous as alleged.

What are you giving up for security?



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth



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