When we’re surrounded by things, we can’t even find ourselves.

We think that the more we fill our space, our home, our bag, our schedule, our day, our wardrobe, our wallet – in short, our life – the more satisfied and therefore happy we’ll be. But what we’re really doing in creating an overcrowded life is to destroy ourselves.

Because people can only build themselves up in a void. They grow more plentiful when there are fewer things around, more free and even more visible the more they simplify.

One day, Begüm Başoğlu and Ege Erim discovered that they were happier when they got rid of the excesses in their lives. This discovery changed their life, and they started to throw out more and more things. They refrained from keeping the clothes they didn’t wear and the belongings they didn’t use. They chose not to attend every meeting or event and found that they were no longer “subjected to” a great many things. In other words, they chose a simple life. And when those who witnessed their transformation wanted to try it out themselves, the “simple living” movement was spread to a wider audience. Nowadays, a great number of people – whether you know them or not – live simply.

A life with fewer belongings and more experiences, one that’s lighter but packed full within the limits you set yourself – that’s a simple life.

And simplicity is beautiful.

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