We’re two people who discovered how happy we became when ridding ourselves of the excess in our lives. We work on things we love and spend our time with things that possess personal meaning. Perhaps it’s not what we do, but what we don’t do that really defines us: We don’t hoard clothes we never wear, don’t keep possessions we never use, don’t take part in every event, don’t live in a constant state of bustle and consequent weariness, and we don’t allow smartphones, computers, and social media to invade our days.


Of course, we didn’t accomplish this all in one day. We still make mistakes and sometimes falter, but what’s important is that we get up every time and try again. Because over the years we saw that when we decreased the things we didn’t want in our lives, space was created for things we did want. This meant more freedom, more time, more peace of mind, and more excitement. From reading countless books, following people who had discovered this concept on their own, and finding answers to our own questions, we learned that even though we became lighter, it was easier to live our lives more fully. Today we live as simply as we can. Because simplicity is truly joyous.

Ege Erim & Begüm Başoğlu

Photo: Tanla Özuzun