A Summer Diet That Lightens in One Day

Our issue is bulkiness. But our cure is neither lemon juice consumed on an empty stomach nor buckwheat salad. The cure for the bulkiness, tension, and stress in this post is another kind of diet. A diet of leaving all those complaints dormant, which make us and others swell up. If you want, you can try it our for a day, and if you like it continue for weeks to come.

Maybe we’re aware of it, or maybe not, but we’re a nation that loves to complain. When we ask how someone is, it’s quite rare that they’ll talk about things that are going well, exciting new developments, happy stories from the kids or family, or benefits from the people around them. Even those who are most unburdened materially or immaterially will take the opportunity to complaining about the traffic, crowds, or pollution, as these are (according to them) inevitable conversation topics among the civilized. Cause we’re all good but our surroundings are just awful.

Should we try another scenario? Pay attention to how you talk and what you mention to people with whom you converse with today. What’s the other person complaining about? How are you inclined to answer? Has supporting their complaint become an automatic reflex? Here’s a pretty simple example:

-Oh, the weather is swelteringly hot!

-I know I also feel so suffocated. Yesterday I almost got sunstroke.

One could say what’s the harm in sharing our woes with our loved ones regarding 35 degrees and a 75% humidity? Of course there’s no harm! If we have lived with such exchanges until now we can continue to have them. Like every diet, the complaint diet is also only meaningful for those who can sustain and benefit from it. In fact for those who want to stretch their minds in terms of different connections, after a while the diet becomes like a game or puzzle. Let’s take a closer look:

-Oh, the weather is swelteringly hot!

-I found an amazing recipe for lemonade, it really cools one off. Do you want to try it? (Suggestion for a solution)

-Oh, the weather is swelteringly hot!

-Do you have a vacation coming up? How about escaping to a cooler place that’s nearby?

(The puzzle of finding a positive theme from a negative one)

-Oh, the weather is swelteringly hot!

-Good thing summer is only two months! It gets cooler after September. (Hope and consolation)

-Oh, the weather is swelteringly hot!

-(Silent reaction with a smile) When was your friend’s wedding? Are you going to wear that amazing red dress again and steal the show? (Changing up the topic)

The sole rule of the complaint diet is to be aware. To really listen to what’s being said and to really hear what’s coming out of our mouths.

Zero complaining is a pretty difficult goal. But even if we decrease our complaining by 50% the increase of lightness and contentment is a guaranteed 100%. I think it’s worth a try.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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