Always the Same Dress

The wedding season is upon us in a few months’ time. The worries associated with what to wear will once again grip a lot of us. At these events, where two people want to share and celebrate the fact that they’ve chosen to spend the rest of their lives together, we’ll be busy worrying about whether we’re chic enough in our uncomfortable garments. Plus, having grown used to the ideal of always wearing a different dress to every wedding, we’re going to inevitably make last minute decisions of woe and maybe even spend money on clothes we’ll never wear again.

But do we really have to experience this stress? If we had a dress with the perfect color and cut, in which we felt good and comfortable, what would happen if we wore it to every event and wedding? It’s clear that the world will not cease to rotate in its axis.

In a time where even Hollywood stars wear the same outfit to several events, we can also part ways with some of our personal taboos. We should be able to view a (probably) expensive outfit of high quality, which we bought lovingly, as a rational option for when we want to present our most immaculate selves. Just like Tiffany Haddish stated, as long as we keep it clean, we’re free to wear whichever dress we want, wherever, whenever, and as often as we want.

Let’s think about what people, who see us wearing the same dress, could possibly say about us: lazy, out of style, poor, careless, boring? However they might also say creative, practical, appreciative, chic, and self-confident. Next time you stifle yourself with the what-to-wear crisis, how about remembering that none of our decisions will ever please everyone and that we can dress exactly as we want?



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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