An Amazing Day

Yesterday Ege and I held a very enjoyable talk at the Educators Summit. One of the most frequent questions was, “I want to change something in my life but have no idea where to begin.” This, of course, is a personal issue since we must all first get to know ourselves.

In this regard I believe that it’s more effective to imagine your ideal day, than to strive for a big dream. I’ve never been opposed to big dreams, let me explain! Let’s say your biggest goal was to make a film and you were able to accomplish this objective. You’re happy and proud. And then? Odds are you probably won’t just wander about telling everyone that you made a film. You can of course enjoy the fruits of your accomplishment and continue producing work as you strive for new goals. But in the end, you’ll continue to live your life in 24-hour time compartments. That’s why I want you to think about what your amazing day would look like, one in which you can do whatever you please.

Where are you? What kind of morning awaits you when you wake up? When do you wake up? Who is beside you? Or is there someone beside you? Who do you communicate with throughout the day? Do you produce anything? If you do, where do you produce this particular work? How long do you work during the day? How do you spend your evening? What do you profoundly avoid during your day?

Imagine all these things without any barriers that might limit your imagination. The aim is to find the kind of lifestyle and all its components that make us feel good. Undoubtedly, the aforementioned big dreams or the thrill of traveling to exotic countries are life’s exciting ideals, but in order to possess mirth for a long term, we have to alter our present days into moments of personal joy. Alas, this kind of alteration is different for every person. For example, if one person finds reading a book in the park to be part of an amazing day, another might be utterly bored by the mention of this activity; while some enjoy the excitement of being a social butterfly, another might become uncomfortable from all that socializing.

Decide what your amazing day would look like and then do something on a daily basis to make it a reality. Step by step. In this way, you’ll realize that exiting the existing system and entering an entirely different life will not be so difficult after all. Let us not forget that life is only composed of ‘days.’



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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