Being Courageous Enough to be Different

It takes courage to minimize our lives. It requires abandoning the pool of previous knowledge, education, and beliefs, and creating distance by standing away on the side. Perhaps it is only then that we’ll ask ourselves:

“Who am I?”

“What do I want?”

It’s necessary to put aside the definitions and expectations of others in order to find real answers to these questions. Letting the past be the past takes courage. And questions beget other questions:

“Do I really like the things that I believe I like?”

“Do I do things through my own choice and desire?”

Consciously choosing to be distant from what’s happening in our surroundings and possessing different priorities can sometimes arouse curious gazes or cynical commentary. A little bit or a lot. It takes courage to stop thinking that every opinion about us from others is who we are. New questions arise:

“Is the thing that this person can’t accept me and my preferences or their own doubts and fears in life?”

Putting distance between us and all comments and criticism (good or bad) also means abandoning all concerns regarding control. Because others are not in our control. We can’t control life or the situations we will face. The only thing we can succeed in acknowledging, and maybe controlling in time, is our attitude towards the people, situations, and events (good or bad) that life sets before us every day and every moment.

“What will I lose if I just stop and listen and, even for a little bit, not intervene in anything?”

Having the courage to step outside expectations and habits, first changes us and then others. With small steps, a little more every day. To make peace with our own truth makes every aspect of that truth acceptable as well as simpler and more minimal.

Which divergent attribute are you refraining from revealing? Why does the beautiful, idiosyncratic, unique person that you are actually hide in fear within you? How can you give it the courage to reveal itself, to spread its light, and to make life your own? Because now you know that the assignment of giving it courage belongs to no one but you. You are the friend you were awaiting.

In an article I read recently it said, “Whatever you do, one third of people will like you, one third will hate you, and one third will disregard you.” Accepting that two thirds will never be content should give us even more courage to be different! Please remember these words when you feel fearful of criticism and disapproval for being different. Stay away from those who break your courage, take a pen and paper and write out the life you truly desire. If you can dream it you can make it happen. With small steps, a little more every day.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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