Between Women

We recently received an e-mail entitled, “various thefts.” It stated that “someone is sharing your ideas as if they were their own.” Just like academicians who catch their students plagiarizing, the person who wrote the e-mail documented that they entered the mentioned piece of text into Google and reached my article.

When I opened the Instagram link in the e-mail, I saw that a large portion of my ‘The Issue of Harmful People,’ article (as well as the title) was used in the post. The ironic part is that the owner of the account used my sentences (without, of course giving us or the blog any credit) under the theme of how important it was that women should not be obstructive but supportive to each other.

I remembered how a few years ago a very well known editor of a fashion magazine once again used my words as if they were her own. When I called her and told her my name, she immediately apologized without me having to even bring up the issue.

Why do some of us fail regarding this issue of giving credit? Since we relate so closely to the ideas being shared by someone else, why can’t we simply enjoy having a mutual perspective?

Last week, one of my very good friends and coalition partners in the same sector, Aslı (Özbek), sent me this speech by Madonna (while also adding that I was one of these strong female friends). While I watched with teary eyes, I felt the profound joy of feeling the same emotions for her and the many other inspirational women in my life.

Hoping that all those people who choose to steal the ideas of others are able to feel this same emotion.


PS: And on this occasion and on this exact day: happy birthday beautiful Aslı!


Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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