Did Someone Say Peace?

If we could be granted one wish, the first thing to arrive in most our minds would be to live in world peace. But if we were to tighten our focus and be very honest with ourselves, how peaceful are we really on a daily basis?

As someone who believes in the philosophy of a pristine world if everyone were to just clean their own doorstep, theories uttered by purported political experts make me return to my own thoughts. I think about what can be done for the world and how one can make others and oneself feel better.

That woman who invites her neighbor with Alzheimer’s into her home every time she rings the door bell or the person who doesn’t cause a guffaw when someone mistakenly takes their place in line are more activist than all those social media peace propagandists! I find running after the big picture but stumbling over the smaller things quite saddening.

As people who adamantly defend the concept whose dictionary definition is “an environment of mutual understanding and tolerance,” I want us to truly examine our everyday. Do we really give tolerance the place it deserves? Or do inopportune moments turn into intolerance, or the inability to empathize into judgment? And are we, without realizing it, both unhappy and the cause of unhappiness?

The first steps toward our grand goals of world peace should be to make those few people around us feel good about themselves. Then we can increase our scope on a daily basis.

Wishing that we always have the time and strength for tolerance and kindness,



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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