Dreams and Scenes

I’m one of those people who believes that dreaming gives life meaning. For the past few days I’ve thought a lot about the process and goals of this subject. Which part of our fantasies truly excites us?

Let’s say you dream about writing a book. Which part are you fantasizing about specifically? That your book is a bestseller with thousands of copies sold and readers and media outlets alike are showering you with praise? Or do you see yourself writing and putting your thoughts into words day and night? If your fantasy is the former, you’re actually dreaming of the result. I have some bad news, because things don’t work this way. If we continue with the book example, the amount of sales or how it will be reviewed is not your subject. The only thing you need to do is prioritize what’s in your heart as you proceed on your path and spend your time productively. If the idea of striving to pour your ideas into effective words is burdensome rather than exciting, then perhaps it is time to give up on this idea.

When we want something we truly believe in, unable to sleep if we don’t realize it, then when we do achieve it, we will live out the satisfaction within us and won’t need to associate our happiness with the reactions of the outside world. However, when we start the journey with a desire to be praised, there’s a strong chance that we’ll be utterly disappointed. Let’s allow positive feedback to be the gift of that achievement.

And so the subject arrives at finding the answer to one of our lives’ most important questions: “why?”, which something Ege mentioned in one of our recent conversations. I say, let’s let her ruminate on this matter.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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