Dreams Vs. Reality

I recently came across a saying by Brian Eno: Art is everything that you don’t have to do

With the commencement of March we’ve completed the first two months of 2017. In these 60 days since January 1st, we’re at a point where we can see exactly what has become of those dreams we wanted to fulfill. And just now, after having reread the preceding sentence, I realize that I’ve repeated the mistake that all of us unconsciously make! Could the reason behind our unfulfilled dreams and the fact that we don’t go very far at all lie in an expectation, at the beginning of our journey, that the days will just take us somewhere? It’s an entirely different perspective to use our days to arrive at our desired destination through small steps that we’ve aimed for and planned. What do we need in order to embrace our contribution toward the realization of our goals, instead of speaking of our surrender to life, fate, and circumstance?

Let’s return to Brian Eno’s definition of art. In the end we can also live without the realization of our dreams. We don’t really have to realize them. But as the world turns, we, as sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, are always after attempting and accomplishing something new. We’re dissatisfied with reality and want to change it. But to make things a bit easier, can we perceive this period as our art?

Perhaps the issue is losing 10 kilos, having a second child, changing where we live, or acquiring a new talent or realizing an existing one. If our dream robs us of our sleep at night, makes our eyes shine like saucers, and is a subject we never tire of thinking and discussing, we can indeed imagine it to be our personal form of art. Where is the signature that makes us who we are? How do we create this dream that any other person could also accomplish? Where do we err and which thought pattern arrests us? Where are the obstacles we lay in our own path?

In our mind, the best part of every dream is its moment of fulfillment. The peak of success, the height of pleasure, congratulatory pride…but what defines an artist is not a certain and chosen moment, but a process. The process that’s not always amusing and in necessity of closer examination, correction when something falters, and even an entirely new start. Isn’t true art to be undefeated by those inevitably cold and rainy gray winter days? In the end, the sun always emerges.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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