5 Blogs About Minimalism

We receive a lot of e-mails from our readers regarding one question: what other sources of information about minimalism should we take advantage of? Today, I want to reply to these inquiries with a personal selection of blogs. Of course, you can also always use Google to search for more sources of information. However, due to the popularity of minimalism and the consequent giant mass of related blogs, one can get lost in the selection. The list of guaranteed web addresses below does offer a good starting point.

Zen Habits: This blog, which Leo Babauta has been updating since 2006, is not only one of the oldest but also one of the best examples of how various subjects about minimalism can be inspirational without a hint of haughty dogmatism. Zen Habits is one of the first dedicated sources of information about minimalism and one of its most comprehensive guides. If you decide to only follow one minimalism blog, I think it should be this one.

The Minimalists: Established by Joshua and Ryan, this blog unfolds the many facets of minimalism with short but deep posts.  The twosome also has a regularly updated podcast. A young, modern, and comprehensive source if you’re into Joshua’s concise writing and propensity for long and eloquent discussions.

Becoming Minimalist: What should one say about the fact that the first three blogs are written by men? And that Becoming Minimalist’s author Joshua Becker is also a family man like Leo Babauta? For those who find The Minimalists a touch too hipster, this mature duo—who realistically deals with the themes of monetary issues, responsibilities, and challenges brought on by family life—is a better fit.

Be More With Less: Courtney Cover, the author of this blog, is one of the oldest names in the minimalism genre. Her Capsule Wardrobe articles are some of the first and most comprehensive guides written in this field. After you read these articles, you may become inspired to take part in Carver’s 333 project and only wear 33 items in 3 months.

No Sidebar: Maintained by a host of authors, the No Sidebar project stands out with its straightforward posts and strikingly minimal design.  The regularly updated and inspiring articles are separated into five main categories: digital life, home, living, mind, and work. Due to being a multi-author platform, you can access different voices and opinions in one place.

Of course, after doing your own arduous research about minimalism blogs, you can also create your own list of favorites. However, if you really want to minimize, don’t forget that you’ll have to stop reading after a certain point and move onto implementing!



Photo: Jon Ron


Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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