How to Simplify Your Digital Life

Let’s continue where we left off in our last piece: Where do we start if we want to ease up on checking our phone all the time and getting sucked in by the screen? First of all, note that all the techniques that I will talk about in this piece are from my life and things that have worked for me. But if you’re the least bit interested in this topic, I urge you to go out and do some research on it. You’ll find loads more techniques online. Even if one of my techniques don’t work for you, another one that you find online will.

App Cleanse: Delete all applications that you haven’t used in the past month. We all know that, should we ever need them again, we can find them on the App Store. Try to limit your apps to one screen page on your phone and to only the apps that you use frequently. Once you delete the apps, see if you really miss any of them.

Turn off notifications: If the sound of the endless notifications don’t bother you, what are you doing reading this post, right? Don’t get lazy and turn off all visual and audio notifications of Instagram, Facebook, shopping apps, and all other social media apps. Trust me, life will be more beautiful and uninterrupted. You’ll get a chance to have some peace of mind and breathe out a sigh of relief.

Put a daily limit to your social media usage: Turning off notifications will be the first step in this direction. It will be easier for you to get used to your new habits when your eyes aren’t constantly drawn to the screen. Pick a timeframe when you’ll be a social butterfly online, or vow to only check your phone every X hours, or try daily or (if you’re brave enough) weekly/monthly social media detoxes. In fact, the next step could be deleting some social media apps from your phone!

Independent of these three techniques, Cal Newport’s suggestion is this: Delete all apps from your phone and add them as you feel the need for them. I’m just the messenger but maybe you want to do something crazy today.


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