Letting Go

Letting go is one of the first and most popular concepts to come our way when we embark on a simpler way of life. When we say letting go, we usually mean throwing away, sorting out and giving away or disposing of something. Obviously, giving away one of the two similar black dresses that we own or one of the two kitchen appliances that have the same function fall into the category of letting go. What we are doing is taking something out of our lives and leaving it behind. 

But I think letting go has another, deeper meaning: accepting situations and people as they are, not trying to change them, not expecting them to fulfill our expectations. If you wonder what part of this is letting go, I would say it is the heart of it. And as we all know, letting go of expectations is much harder than giving away a dress or a kitchen appliance. 

Let’s think about a situation or a person that has been bothering us lately. The conditions or behaviors have not changed to match our expectations and we feel angry or sad or upset. Whatever happened has happened or it will keep on happening. Personally, we might feel that the situation is tedious but certainly the way things have turned out was always one of the many possibilities that life had in store for us. We might have thought that we were safe from such bleak possibilities, that’s all. Our expectations were certainly otherwise. 

The moment we manage to let go of that expectation… everything is as is. And life goes on regardless. 


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