What gets you up every morning? Is it just the mechanic and biological cycle of going to sleep and waking up? Or is it, for example, the desire to see the people you love once again or do the things you love? Maybe you love your work a lot or you love your children deeply. Maybe you need to feel useful or change things in the world. Or the exact opposite, maybe you need to feel whole with the world and accept life as is. Did you ever stop to think which desire or urge gets you up in the morning?

For years, I had jobs that I didn’t really love. At some point, I realized that it wasn’t the work itself but the way it was done that I didn’t love. I found it meaningless to spend 9 hours stuck in an office to do tasks that I could finish in 2-3 hours without taking a break. I had issues with the number of workdays as well. How come we had become convinced that 5 days of work and 2 days off was a just division? These were the things that I questioned a lot during the first few years of my work life.

The exit out of these dark issues for me was not to leave work altogether but to make it my fundamental law to keep on pursuing all that gave me joy. Both in experiences and in people. I found my reason to get up in the morning was to do things and learn things that were meaningful to me, even if they were meaningless to others. Some may think that this is minimizing goals. I am sure I’m not changing the world. But eating my favorite green olives for breakfast was important and satisfactory enough on mornings that I went to work. Forgetting about time while reading something that I like, refusing to say “I’m tired” after a workday and run to a workshop or an event not only became my reason to get up but also my reason for living throughout the day.

This kind of a busy schedule might be too tiring for some. So let’s choose something else. A different path, a different method. But please, let us all find things that make our mornings meaningful so that we don’t get defeated by the things we’re not happy about or the things we can’t change about our lives at the moment.



Translated by Talya Arditi

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