On the Suffix -Less

The first time I met with Ege, we spent hours discussing the excitement enkindled by our similar ideas. We had both given up on certain things and had an aim to further free ourselves and our lives.  We had chosen not to possess some things and said no to others later on. When I think of myself, the concepts of living without a television, a car, and social media are perhaps what come to mind. The first I had given up years ago while the others I had chosen to never possess. Nowadays everyone has a complaint. (I’m not talking at all about those big complaints). The inability to fulfill dreams due to the lack of time, not exercising, material and immaterial burdens. However, wouldn’t you find it beneficial to be remember that everything in life is a choice?

The house we inhabit, our habits, the way we spend our evenings, are all choices and all choices have consequences. Adding a daily walk to your life may not be as difficult as you think, or making time to fulfill your dreams. The issue lies with giving up the right things. It’s as well a choice, complaining about the same life elements to which you adamantly cling. Just like the stress of material burdens caused by living in a house that exceeds your needs.

We believed that reducing would make way for our priorities.

If those people, who perceived minimizing as a trend without really understanding it, could see things from this angle, wouldn’t the world be a more beautiful place?



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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