One Hour, Three People, Zero Words

On Sunday my closest friend and I, and Muhammed (whom we’d just met) conversed without speaking. On top of that, this was one of the most significant conversations of my life. There were no words. No sounds, no reproaches hidden within the letters, no long silences between sentences. There were glances, laughter, and hands.

Muhammed is one of the Dialogue in Silence guides. The person who Derin and I are indebted to for taking us on an extraordinary journey. As someone who has already been to Dialogue in the Dark, I already knew that an enchanting hour was awaiting, as soon as we walked through the door. I won’t tell you about what we saw and experienced inside. It would be like revealing the ending of a film you haven’t seen yet. (But definitely go to the Gayrettepe Metro station to see it out for yourself!) For now, I’ll say this: I once again understood that we without handicaps have bigger issues with hearing and speaking. Not listening even though we can hear and speaking emptily even though we can make sounds, for example. Muhammed reminded us that the magic as well as the value of patience and attention in regards to mutual communication is really a key point in life. I’m going to ask you the things I asked myself when I came out of the exhibition:

Which words did you use unnecessarily today? Which comments? Would you have been able to express your feelings without those words? Or would you have been able to choose better ones? Could you have listened more attentively to the person across from you? Without looking at your phone? Without saying “keep talking, I’m listening”…


PS: An endless thank you to Halkan Elbir for his beliefs and contributions.


Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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