Starting is “Not” Half the Battle

We’ve talked about the importance of taking a small step towards things that we want to accomplish many times before. Even though we tend to think that starting is half the battle, in light of all the things that remain unfinished due to inconsistency, I would like to say that starting is not always half the battle. 

When eagerness, curiosity or motivation fades, projects end up half done, books half-read, cleaning half-finished. As a strong advocate of closing books that do not pique our interest, I’m referring here to the acts that we want to continue doing but somehow manage not to because of time, weather, mood or countless other excuses. 

Let’s take some time to think today – what is it that we want to finish? Let’s make a list on a piece of paper from the smallest project to the biggest endeavor. Let’s try to remember what stopped us so that we can know ourselves and hopefully prevent ourselves from stopping once again. Let’s give one more chance to the ones on the list that still excite us. After all, starting is half the battle! 


Image: American Commissioners of the Preliminary Peace Agreement with Great Britain, Benjamin West

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