Taking Our Hands off The Steering Wheel

Sometimes I find myself carrying an unnecessary burden. When I try to find a cause, I succumb to a need to control something. Sometimes it’s a worry regarding an illness, or an unjust action committed upon someone I care about. In every instance the issue gets stuck at the same point: that I’m not in control. Later, I remember that accepting things as they are can be a choice. That I actually don’t have to fix anything. And I let it go. The feeling of ease that arrives in that moment is so good, I promise myself to never stray from that path again.

There’s no doubt that at the root of our effort to control lies fear and anxiety over the future. We believe that, no matter what, everything will end up affecting us personally. This belief thrashes about and we cause our own desolation through imagining the worse case scenarios for ourselves (and others if they’re present in the situation). Let’s not be so sure about what’s best for us (and them).

Let’s think of it this way, we’re in a car being driven by another person. How successful will we be if we take over the steering wheel?

And so, in life, things are not that different. We must learn that no matter our beliefs, we have to trust the world’s order, just a little, and recognize that any attempt to thwart or change the course of events is superfluous.

The ironic side of things is that when you decide to give up control, you’ll notice that a lot of things actually develop according to your wishes or that they develop in a way you could have never imagined with an outcome that’s completely in your favor. You’ll be the winner in every situation.

And now, let’s take our hands off the wheel.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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