The Art of Wasting an Entire Day

Surely, many of us are masters of this art. Still, if there is anyone here who hasn’t reached the level where they realize they’re unable to finish anything by the end of a day, I would like to help them get to that stage with my tips.

Don’t create a to-do list.

Just start your day. Don’t ever write down the most important things that need to be done that day. Take things as they come.

Change targets.

If, when you’re already working on something, you remember something else that you need to do, immediately stop what you’re doing and move on to what’s on your mind. When you begin doing that, think of all the people you need to call, stop what you’re doing before you’ve finished it and begin calling people.

Check your emails constantly.

This is one of the most important items on this list. If you manage to do this, you’ll definitely become a master of this art. Remember – you must answer all emails, requests, and problems instantly. Your important tasks can wait. Isn’t this how great managers, talented artists are made?

Don’t forget about social media.

This is something you know quite well but I still want to remind you. In fact, this item is crucial to becoming a successful master of this art. Follow everything and everyone that you like, don’t like, find foolish or irritating. Don’t miss out. Look, look and look again.

Always answer your whatsapp messages on time.

Prioritize cat videos that are awaiting your responses and daily issues that are expecting your input. Don’t ever think that people don’t use whatsapp for important and urgent matters.

Don’t ever get up from the couch across the screen in the evenings.

When having a dilemma between taking a step towards your dreams and watching another episode of your favorite show, always go for the show. Before you know it, it will be time for bed.

And, finally, you have mastered the art of wasting an entire day!

I congratulate you cordially.



Translated by Talya Arditi

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