The Diet of Intention

We tend to believe that life judges us based on our actions and not based on our thoughts. We cover up our insidious ideas and believe that we’ll get away by behaving well. It would seem though that the system doesn’t work that way. We might think that we can deceive ourselves and those around us but it all starts and ends with our intention.

I remember my cousin once mentioned a concept called ‘the diet of intention’ and how much I liked it. I strongly agreed that, yes, our intention would determine the result of our action. For example, if our intention is to hurt someone, regardless of how well we cover it up with our wit, we were judged with our intention. Even if we manage to deceive that person…the ultimate judgment is according to our truest, most naked thoughts.

I would like us to think about this a little bit. Is it possible that we experience life as cruel and merciless because we carry seeds of those in our intentions? Let’s put in some effort to be filled with goodness. This diet of intention will allow us and those around us to live a healthier and happier life. Let’s not wait for Monday to start this time. Today is the right time to begin.



Translated by Talya Arditi

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