The Wardrobe’s Moment of Truth

As sour green plums begin to make their appearance at the greengrocer’s, has a sense of novelty and change also awakened within you? For us women, the easiest manifestation of such feelings is often in the realm of shopping. After all, shop windows and fashion magazines are full of the new season’s colors, cuts, and outfits. In this short term between winter and spring, if you’ve been bewitched by the aesthetic magic and are convinced you can’t give the lovely weather its due without those particular ‘pieces,’ then this post is especially aimed at you.

Perhaps, like so many of us recently, you’ve also minimized your wardrobe and cleaned out everything except your favorite pieces. Or maybe you haven’t taken this step yet, didn’t have the heart to do it, and are now one of those people who can’t find anything to wear when looking at your closet every morning. Whichever category you’re in, the new season always arrives with its risks and deceptive whims. For example, a model or color you’ve never been interested in before suddenly enters your radar. Or you’re convinced to buy something that seems high in quality in the moment, even though you know perfectly well how misshapen it will be after a few washes. With every purchase, we believe we’re making permanent decisions even though we’re in a temporary mood.

Here are some tips, if you’re inclined to make wrong decision during spring fever:

*Think twice before claiming a color that you’ve never before worn, liked, or found befitting of your look. What is it exactly that’s making the color so attractive in that moment? The piece’s model or fabric, the outfit in general, or maybe even the model’s haircut? Flirting with a new color should start with accessories. That way you can see whether you’re ready for a long-term relationship.

*Stay away from brands where you’ve shopped numerous times and always ended up with deformed pieces after a short amount of usage. Before you buy clothing only because they look good on you, think about whether you’re getting your money’s worth in regards to how long it will last. If the piece already exhibits signs of stretching, unraveling, or sagging, don’t buy it. Promise yourself to only invest in pieces that clearly exhibit high quality and will definitely last a few seasons.

*Fashion loves to re-introduce the old as new. The wide leg trousers of 10-15 years ago are once again in fashion for example. Before you buy wide leg pants or breeches, shirts with lacework, or suede skirts just because they’re in fashion, examine the following: if it weren’t in fashion, would you make the same decision and feel the same need for such pieces?

*If possible avoid going shopping with a friend(s). As we all know, the only thing more dangerous than a shopping enthused woman is a few shopping enthused women. We veer into the wrong decisions with utmost amicability, convince without leaving room for a splinter of doubt, and suddenly find ourselves accepting ten installments at the cash register. Resist.

*Remember that no man will ever wear uncomfortable shoes, even when meeting a woman he’s madly in love with. That this is not selfishness but a tangible example of self-love is an idea you can begin to accept. No matter what fashion presents us women and no matter what others are wearing, think about your own comfort, needs, and priorities before making decisions.

If you’re going to shop this spring anyway, invest in the woman you want to be, not the woman that’s been presented to you.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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