Group of young adults (18-20 years) using mobile phones.

True Necessities

Long roads and journeys are good excuses to find creative ideas. In the maelstrom of our daily tasks, we never stop to think about the thousands of ideas that are at our disposal. And so, as we found ourselves on the road to Izmir due to the national holiday, we began to flex our brains and leave the hours and kilometers behind with such questions as, “what are today’s biggest issues, most urgent necessities, and who can solve whose problem most efficiently?”

One of my most important necessities (I guess I should say ‘elusive’ instead of ‘important’) is a cell phone that offers phone, message, and internet services, shoots photos, has the capability of operating four to five apps, and possesses a battery that lasts not one day but about a week or so. I can also easily guess that I’m not the only person who has this longing. But which one of us can use our smartphone to its full capacity? Genius engineers, on the other side of the world, who spent years studying and contemplating IT issues think of the most miniscule details and develop the most sophisticated and technologically advanced devices. And at the end of the day, don’t we use these devices to gossip about our sister-in-law, pop candies, or send and receive animated holiday messages?

Of course some of us prefer a phone full of features that we don’t use. But for others, the actual requirement is a phone that’s not technologically sophisticated, but more robust, offering service for longer periods of time. The company that could develop such a phone, without sacrificing the aesthetics, can’t appeal to the ‘more is more,’ frenzied masses. However, it could appeal to persons that prefer quality over quantity. Because despite marketing gurus who are trying to convince us otherwise, owning a high tech device does not suffice to make us modern and contemporary people aware of the endless possibilities of the human mind. We’re unaware of our true necessities, admiring everything that’s presented and embracing the dream that’s being marketed instead of the features and functions of the latest technology.

In a world where more is the norm, asking for less may seem synonymous with cheapness, deficiency, and even rowing against the tide. But perhaps it’s exactly due to this reason why these types of requests need to be voiced above ‘more quality.’ In those good old days, when we believed the world to be a realm of limitless natural resources, being a conscious consumer was defined as purchasing the product or service that offered the most variety for the most suitable price.

However, with the current condition of the world (which we caused), the importance of specifying products and services that we actually need and demanding to buy them high in quality and fairness is growing. Would you rather eat fifty different dishes at an average restaurant or just five dishes you really want at an amazing restaurant that prepares them seasonally? Especially if your decisions will affect the quickly advancing state of the world…



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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