Using the Gift of Life to the Fullest

Yesterday was my dear mother’s birthday. I am so glad that we had the chance to say “cheers to our health” and celebrate together. As I wished her a happy birthday, I also thanked her for giving me life. After all, life is a gift. Even if the word itself feels void of meaning and even if we often forget about this truth.

Don’t we sometimes behave as if life owes us a great debt instead of behaving like we have this life unconditionally? Don’t we revolt against the world when our health, peace and success are taken away?

The truth is that life doesn’t owe us anything. That’s why we shouldn’t overshadow a joyous moment with the anxiety of the future. That’s why we have to figure out which job we truly love. That’s why we need to take care of our bodies. The thrills that get our heart beating faster, our power to inspire those around us, the conversations that touch our soul, the laughters that bring tears to our eyes are all miraculous parts of this gift.

Since we don’t know when this gift will be taken from us and since I’m writing this piece right now and you’re reading it, let’s make use of this gift to the fullest.


Translated by Talya Arditi

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