A Matter of Attitude

Every day of our lives, we make decisions. The attitude we choose—from our reaction to morning traffic during our work commute, to how we deal with the health issues of someone close to us—is one of the most important decisions of our lives. It’s as if an invisible force is asking us a question, and we’re answering in the affirmative or the negative. And it’s exactly this particular answer, which determines our mood and attitude. Because this is our approach to the world and vice versa.

What’s ironic is that we rarely see ourselves as the main cause of every end result.  We find focusing on external factors much more rational: what happens to us, the people around us etc. Whereas the birthplace of every emotion we unleash upon the world (anger, weariness, excitement, enjoyment) is within our attitude. Isn’t it amazing that we are capable of altering (at any time) our attitude toward the endless things that are outside our control?

There’s no doubt that we all have our own distinct physical, mental, and emotional issues. However, it’s in our hands to cooperate rather waste energy lamenting what disgruntles us. Let’s never forget that ultimately we will expend the same amount of energy. Choosing the attitude that benefits us and makes our lives easier, or the one that complicates and multiplies our worries, is once again in our hands.

I dedicate this post to Steve, whose resolute sense of humor (despite a back-ache inducing two hours of standing on the Adahan terrace) granted me an exceedingly lovely evening.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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