Pay Attention to Your Attention!

I remember telling myself, “Come on, not all kids can have A.D.D.,” during a time when attention deficit was just beginning to become an issue, with almost every mother complaining about it. How priggish and bigoted I was! Ten or more years have passed and I think we’ve all been stricken by the same problem: attention deficit and the irritation of boredom.

It’s not necessary to look that far, I know it from myself. Even if I say that I consume selectively, I’m still an addict of a certain movement. Public transportation and walking is a bore without my Podcasts, for example. Waiting can become a cause of distress without my book or Sudoku App. Why can’t I just give myself over to the place, situation, and event that I’m in at that moment? Why is my mind completely intolerant of boredom? Why worry about idling around or consuming, just to avoid doing nothing?

According to scientists, our minds are predisposed to this. So let’s not blame our nature too much, we are, after all, the cumulation of thousands of years’ worth of survival instincts. We evolved into what we are today, from thinking that the wider our frame of focus, the better we’ll respond to lurking dangers. Even though the lions, alligators, or hyenas are no longer part of the equation, instantaneously changing and alterable options and the endless flow of social media, apps, Netflix etc. have entered our lives. Entire sectors are after our attention, which, unbeknownst to us, has a daily limit. We’re focused on fleeing from our boredom, being entertained, and preoccupied. Now we’re freely feeding our attention to the lions, alligators, or hyenas of our own creation.

Whereas, Adam Robinson states that, “the more you’re connected to your heart’s true desires, the less you will tolerate the things trying to capture your attention.” Because the only content that truly catches our interest, entertains, shocks, inspires, instructs, and makes us think, can only be produced this way; when we focus on that internal, sheltered, and creative flow, completely undeterred by digressive external forces.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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