Ask Your Stomach

It’s behind those quick answers we give without thinking, as well as questions we’ve pondered exhaustively for days. I’m talking about decisions. When those big dilemmas are in question, we want to use our mind to calculate everything comprehensively. The conditions, advantages, and disadvantages, the ‘it’ll be disrespectful,’ and ‘what will everyone say,’ situations and who knows what else. Sometimes one thing is overrided, for example while worrying that something might be disrespectful, a lot of other things are ignored. Despite our stomach, which is always right. Yes, I label it as the ‘stomach.’ You can call it instinct, intuition, gut or the sixth sense. This voice is right in every situation, sometimes trying to propel its own ‘no’ with an inner knot, or ‘yes,’ with inner exultant joy, with the butterflies.

The field of neurology believes that our heart and stomach have brains of their own and try to send messages via feelings and intuition when something is wrong. The stronger your brain’s left side works, the easier it is for your instincts to make themselves heard.

We sometimes listen to this voice and sometimes do our best to avoid it. We have our minds after all, and the careful calculation and thought we set out before us. So what sets us apart from computers then? Not everything has to be rational, yet, we are not only composed of our minds. The saying ‘a voice deep within me,’ is enough of an argument. When you need to make a decision, try to be alone first. Give yourself and that voice a right to be heard. Yes, perhaps you won’t be able to explain it. There won’t be any pros, and cons, and graphs, but you’ll be entirely sure. Don’t complicate things. Stand silently and listen to yourself.

Be yourself and let your stomach make the final decision.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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