The News

The news have been bad recently. So bad that even those who don’t follow the news get word about the latest. Following the news, being sad, and feeling more powerless with every new development, can’t be good for any of us. So why don’t we try to stop? I know it’s difficult to prevent it from reaching our eyes and ears. But persistently chasing after the news and making it our sole agenda?

‘News,’ is an ambiguous concept. Especially when money and politics are involved, everything that’s presented as news is part of a collusive fight and power battle and the murmur of giant turning gears that none of us actually have any interest in. That’s the price for entrusting our future, hope, career, and health to a system we believe is greater and supreme. Cat on a hot tin roof. The gears of the system want to remind us constantly how much we need them. That’s the greatest reason for the existence of the news. We have to choose a side, to make a decision, must believe that one side is more justifiable than the other. In fact, this is why we should become enemies with one another, we should feel hatred for people with whom we breathe the same air and who we’ve probably never had a personal issue with before. We should swear on the existence of those who are less, worse, and dumber than we are. Because the gears of the system are nourished through hate and violence, and the farther we are from one another, the closer we are to them. We’re dependent on the powers that be. The situation is dire, someone has to hold our hand, to save us. We’re dependent on the giant gears to choose right from wrong, just over unjust. Naturally, the political party/perspective/path we choose is perfectly tailored to this task. It can save, correct, and take care of us.

What happened so that we became so powerless and helpless? When did it become so natural to hand over the control of our lives to others? Who convinced us of the accuracy and necessity of the news?

Let’s confess that we have a chance to choose: we don’t have to follow any kind of news that makes us feel even more powerless. Lamenting the bad news will not make us more conscientious. It won’t create a grand image of the dimensions of our humaneness. It won’t bring back the dead, it won’t mollify the mothers’ mourning. No matter how upset we become, when we choose to be crushed by matters over which we have very limited influence, life doesn’t become fairer, more secure, or better.

A choice must be made. Either we choose the news and become feeble by listening every day to how little power we have, or we choose to have the audacity to create our own agenda and become liberated. We make use of our right to be happy. We embrace our power to change. Instead of sulking at life, we’re going to smile at a complete stranger, and maybe even say something nice. We’re going to care about each other. And only through this will the world become a different, better, and more secure place.

Because there’s a truth we’ve forgotten: the gears of the system need us in order to exist. Not the other way around.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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