Being Prisoners of Our Rituals

I value daily rituals. I’ve always believed that including positive actions in our days on a regular basis increases our quality of life. I can definitely say that meditating and writing morning pages every day after I wake up has contributed a lot to my inner peace and sense of balance. Yet, I recently realized that I get stressed if I need to postpone those rituals for external reasons even if they are joyous ones. 

It turns out that I accepted from the get-go that if I don’t start my day with these rituals, I won’t feel inner peace. It’s no doubt unhealthy to attach my sense of balance to the existence or lack of something. Then I remembered the “right ratio” concept that I always use when it comes to living simply. Unless we have a good ratio of flexibility, our rituals or habits can become prisons that make us feel like captives. If the whole point is to feel good, it makes much more sense for me to remember that my rituals are gifts in my life, that it is better to keep my inner peace than to punish myself. I found myself writing these in my morning pages in the afternoon, after having spent a wonderful day. The writing that I find so valuable had once again freed me.

May our rituals always make us feel good. 


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