While We’re Here

Did you ever think about the reason for our existence in this tiny planet floating around in eternity? Maybe you have a religious belief that offers you a reason that you’re content with. Maybe you have no faith and you believe that our existence is completely accidental and that we will cease to exist in a similar fashion. 

If we manage to get up every morning, I think that we at least have faith in life. I wonder what we would see if we were to take a closer look at ourselves. Regardless of our faith, I’m interested in what we’re doing rather than what we’re saying. What would aliens think of our meager existence in this planet if they could see that we were exposing ourselves to negative news coverage in order to be up to date, we were spending time with people we disliked in order to be polite, we were working in jobs that we disliked and calling it fate? How would we explain the never-ending voice in our heads that archives everything that we do? “This is good, this is bad, this is good, this is bad, this is really bad, this is the worst, this is good, but this is not good enough….” How would they feel about the fact that we spend the entire day cataloguing each experience? “This is right, this is wrong, this is very wrong, oh no that is shameful, especially this one is very very wrong, and if it is being done to me, it’s extra-wrong.” If they were to ask us, none of us would admit to continuing these mind games on their own accord. Maybe we’re not even aware that we are doing it. All we’re doing is being realistic, right? We know what’s happening and they certainly can’t fool us. Our biggest weakness is of course our perfectionism. 

Is it possible that we’ve been sent to this earth to divide everything we see and do into four categories of good, bad, right and wrong? If that’s all we’re doing, how will we feel when death comes knocking? Will we be satisfied with the way we spent our limited time on this planet? 

I think that, even if we believe that there is a reason for our existence or we believe everything is pointless, we might as well create while we’re here. We can choose to look at what can be rather than what is. We can change things just a little bit, make them just a little bit more beautiful. And we can do all this in our own unique way and, in most cases, without spending a dime. 


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