Cheers to Good Health!

The other day a person I really like said, “I’m not going to swim this year cause my cellulite is really bad.” And she was serious! And she was 65 years old! I want to put aside the apprehension over the age and beauty equation and focus on this issue from a wider perspective. Sure, I find it important to be healthy, to feel good, and that certain things to appease my visual standards. As such, I’ve never taken the ‘forget about it,’ route in these matters. However, in this case I think that there’s a limit transgression. My problem revolves around how other people’s thoughts can affect me in a life that’s too short anyway.

Isn’t the problem that we’re avoiding social situations because we feel we’re ‘not good enough’? Ok, but what is the social situation in this particular story? How bad could it be considering it’s not exactly the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week? Maybe some women will say ‘look at that woman’s cellulite,’ (except that they’ll most probably be the victims of such commentary themselves) or maybe no one will care because they’ll be too worried about their own appearance.

As long as the police don’t throw out people because swimming with cellulite is not allowed, I really don’t think there’s a problem. The problem is in our minds, in the way we identify with our own bodies. Let’s remember anew that how we look is not ‘us’. We are the sum of our minds, hearts, souls, and yes, our bodies, but not the single parts. There’s no doubt that we can improve our lives by exercising and balanced eating etc. However, it’s beneficial that we make these decisions for ourselves and our health. If your only motivation is to bewitch everyone on the beach, then the first summer you lose that figure will also see the loss of your happiness. Better to do it all for yourself. Run, sweat, eat well, but also know how to spend your day at the beach with a beer in hand (and with your cellulite) and enjoy life!

If people are going to admire you, let them admire your capacity for mastering the art of living!

Have a good summer.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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