Mirror Mirror On the Wall

I spent hours in front of the mirror yesterday. As a person who only goes to the hairdresser once a year to get a haircut, spending so many hours on my hair (even if it was for my wedding) caused some inner tumult, but also lead to some observations. The women that walked in and out, who spent hours sitting (like me!) in front of the mirror, who had endless things done to their hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. I thought about all the things we’ve gained and lost from adamantly holding on to this beauty standard that was forced upon us, changed over the centuries, and is dependent entirely on outside factors.

I also wondered, since appearing beautiful is at last, always for someone else (I also doubt that anyone would go through this trouble if they were alone on this planet), how it would be if those mirrors showed what others actually found interesting in us, rather than our reflections. I thought about what would happen if we saw who we affect positively in this life; who we inspired through our wide perspective, brave steps and creations; how we taught something important with our ideas or information; how we made someone experience the amazing feeling of being loved unconditionally; how we made the value of family, friendship and love felt; how we encouraged another person’s true self; how we made someone’s day through a sincere compliment or small gesture; how we caused someone to change something in their lives for the better; how we made someone laugh uncontrollably with a joke; how we made a difference in someone’s life by just listening to them.

Perhaps then we wouldn’t spend so much time striving for silky smooth hair and skin. We would invest in our actions, words, and feelings. Take yourself as an example, who was the last person you befriended only because they had a pretty face?



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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