Feeling our Feelings

Excitement, anger, happiness, envy…Sometimes we feel several different emotions in the matter of just a few hours. Sometimes our desire to lead a better life tells us to replace negative emotions with positive ones immediately. Envy with empathy, anger with serenity. However, how aware are we that this is a mistake? Because it seems that negative emotions have much more to tell us.

Our anger—rather than just highlighting our fears or the limits we need to transgress—could be trying to show us that we need to free ourselves from burdens. Our envy could be an expert at showing us our true dreams. The issue is to detach ourselves from our thoughts, which are sometimes nourished by values and beliefs that are not our own, and to listen to our soul and body.

I remember once feeling suddenly anxious whilst being faced with a life-altering decision. My body broke the spell of my convinced mind, showing me that the most correct decision could only be made with my feelings. That’s why instead of struggling to make negative feelings disperse I concentrate on them. For hours, if need be. I try to understand what my gut feeling is telling me. I want to spend time with this emotion rather than exchanging it with something that I know will make me feel better. Because I know that if I don’t understand it, it will return over and over again.

Allowing oneself to experience negative emotions means that one can experience positive emotions such as happiness, love and excitement more deeply. For me that’s reason enough. We also don’t have to worry about our negative emotions taking control just because we’ve allowed them some room. Let’s not forget that they are not against us, they are there to protect us. Just like how fear is there to help save our lives. Let’s allow them to tell us about ourselves.

There’s really no one else that can.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth


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