Packing Minimally in Six Steps

1- Start by checking the weather at you destination: The lowest and highest temperatures will give you an idea. For example, if a ten-day vacation is going to have two days of rain, don’t take along a raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella. If you really don’t enjoy walking around during a downpour, then plan indoor activities for rainy or cold days. Museums, libraries, cafes with board games, indoor bazaars, aquariums, theaters, cinemas, dance studios, and comedy clubs all offer great opportunities to meet locals and make lots of observations.

2- Try to specify a vacation uniform: Even though a uniform is an unpleasant concept, it’s definitely much better than slipping a disk while pulling around gargantuan luggage. Keeping in mind the planned activities at your destination, specify a basic outfit in which you’ll feel comfortable and good. Comfortable shorts/a skirt and a thin shirt/blouse for a holiday by the sea, or a comfortable pair of pants, t-shirt, and sneakers for a vacation roaming around a city…Staying true to the idea of a uniform, you can wear the same shorts, dress, and pants for a few days and have a thin button down shirt or sweater along, to wear by itself, or as an extra layer when the weather changes.

3- Choose pieces that match each other: Pass up clothes that you can only wear with one other piece. The more compatible your chosen pieces and accessories are with one another, the easier it will be to get dressed and leave in the morning.  Make sure that every item you pack matches with at least three or four other pieces. To lighten your luggage and limit yourself, multiply the number of days you’ll be gone by two. For example, if you’ll be on holiday for seven days, then be careful not to take more than fourteen items. After a few vacations and packing experiences, you’ll notice that even this times-two rule will be too much.

4- Make a difference with accessories: Hats, scarves, sunglasses, belts, hairbands, jewelry… rather than changing outfits every day, using accessories and jewelry creatively is a much easier, lighter, and more attractive technique to being stylish. Instead of planning a new daily outfit, support your uniform with different accessories. Two different scarves and five to six different necklaces will take up much less space in your bag than five different dresses.

5- Minimum beauty products, maximum fun: Of course a good moisturizer, when you’re traveling somewhere cold, and sunscreen with appropriate SPF, if you’re traveling somewhere warm, are essential. Why not take along small bottles filled with the basic beauty care products you use every day? But remember this: it’s possible to have a great vacation without foot cream, a clay facemask, a second eyeliner or lipstick. By decreasing your selection, you can have more time for your vacation and realize that you don’t need that many products to look good.

 6- Don’t think about all the possibilities: Let it be a bit messy this time! Try not to include possibilities such as ‘what if this/that happens, what if I have to go to this/that place’ in your packing. How many times did you presume these situations, and how many times did you end up not wearing, using, or even touching a lot of the things you brought along. Let your adventurous side do the packing this time. Let it remind you that you have nothing missing. Think about the aim of your vacation: to have fun, relax, discover, forget, to get closer or go farther…you’ve done this before. You never took your vacation along in your bag, but in your soul.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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