No One Will Replace You, Chedi

I believe that life is composed of moments. Life might as well be the moment you find a hand written note, kiss the person you love, clinking glasses at the rakı* table over a meaningful conversation, or hearing a song you love in a very unexpected place.

The emotions felt during these moments, that sensation of utter sufficiency is irreplaceable. It won’t allow you to analyze the past or worry about the future. It embraces you wholly. I was in a place where such moments are lined up one after the other, where I kept encountering beauty that I couldn’t believe was real. I was in the extraordinary The Chedi Club in Ubud. Normally, this is not a place where we share our travel stories with posts that outline the best places to eat etc. But then again, to me, Chedi Club is not really a hotel. It’s a sacred place where I felt excitement for life and where the right dose of everything that filled me with peace just came together perfectly. This place, which enthralls as soon as one walks through the doors with the famous elephant sculptures, was a sacred space that really represented the ideal life to me. Where the only sound is of water (and sometimes frogs and birds); where words such as crowded, chaos, or worry can not exist; where I couldn’t take my eyes of the green rice fields, water lilies, white and black swans symbolizing balance, and elephant statues with a fresh flower always placed behind one ear; small details like hand written notes left in the room that make you feel special; where I felt inner warmth from sitting with excitement at a writing desk; where all the things I love in life (love, peace, silence, lack of people, valuable communication, books, writing, food) were brought together with attention, sincerity and a sophisticated taste.

I may not be there today, but knowing that there is a place on the other side of the world where an arguably perfect space exists for people who think and feel exactly as I do, and placing those attributes, as much as I can, into the world I have created here, is enough to make me happy.

Wishing that everyone finds that magical place where they can truly be themselves as soon as possible,



*Traditional drink in Turkey.

 Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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