An Obsession with Passion

Passion is a word that has recently become a verbal emollient for entrepreneurs, young minds, people who’ve changed or want to change their lives, and many personal development experts. Being passionate, finding one’s true passion, going after one’s passion, realizing one’s passion…Passion also happens to be a word that in Turkish, and many other languages, evokes love and sexuality. Experiencing a passionate love, for example. Whereas nowadays, the ubiquitous form of passion simply means doing the work we love and living the life we want.

Ok, but let’s return to the meaning of the word as it has been used for centuries, i.e. ‘passionate love.’ Lovers who only have eyes for one another, promises of eternity, souls that are ready to die for one another, an utterly strong and veritably destructive desire…

This is a state that is quite difficult to maintain continuously, not only in novels and Hollywood films, but also in real life. Black or white. It’s either there or not. You either belong to me, or to the earth. Perhaps, the reason why it’s so intense and jarring is exactly because it’s ephemeral. All of us have, at least once, passionately promised eternal love, but, after noticing our inability to meet the demands, experienced a small or large-scale blow to our beliefs. If adolescence has passed, then perhaps we’ve also learned to separate passion from love. Not because one is more righteous and valuable than the other. Because they are completely different from one another.

So now let’s take this passion and place it in the same frame as our daily life preferences. The idea of choosing a brand new occupation/job/career and leaving everything else behind is very alluring, but also offers a pretty ambiguous road ahead. Especially when our fundamental criterion is passion. There’s an implication for the necessity of finding something that can beam us back in time to those ‘I can’t live without you,’ promises. Something big. Something important.

Whereas the days are just passing. They are passing by with pretty small and unimportant things. Every hour is shaped by our small and unimportant decisions. Before we’re ready to live out our big passion, which we’ve placed heavily upon our own shoulders (if such a thing exists for you, of course), why not spend the day with some smaller things? If we allow ourselves to live out smaller entities, then all those things that bring us joy, enlighten us, and make us feel as if we’ve grown wings, can become sufficiently big and important. Finding and listening to that song you’ve missed for so long, buying yourself your favorite dessert or coffee, dancing without thinking about time, delving into other worlds through a book, really researching a topic that’s always interested you, painting your bedroom to the color you’ve always wanted, doing something that you loved as a child but haven’t done in years…

We don’t have to be obliged to one passion in order to live the life we want. We command thousands of little desires that can make every day more beautiful. Plus isn’t it inevitable that something big will happen one day when we begin to listen to the small voices inside more often?



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth


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