Our Future Selves

We are inclined to think of our future selves as different people. Especially when it comes to our goals and dreams, our future self is capable of doing many things that we struggle with today. Starting to exercise, quitting smoking, saving money, being more organized, losing weight, doing the work we love…. Whatever our dreams and goals, once we set out to succeed and begin to break our old habits, our future self that comes to life in our minds are more than capable of reaching that goal. If that is the case, why do we find it difficult to fulfill our goals even if we can easily turn our dreams into goals?

I think we are all too optimistic about who we are. That is actually not a bad thing. But this optimism allows us to ignore the fact that breaking old habits are hard, creating new routines require a whole lot of willpower. That’s why any plan that is created without analyzing the obstacles that stopped us in the past or finding alternative solutions to overcome them often fails halfway through. 

If there are aspects of ourselves that we would like to change this summer, let us first think about why we haven’t succeeded until now. We can only find what works for us this way. Not by borrowing a future from experts but looking at our past with new eyes. 


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