Please Tinker With Your Settings

When vacation is mentioned, there are those who immediately dream of sun loungers and the sea, while others prefer being entirely in the midst of nature. For some, vacation is an environment filled with new people, dancing, and fun, while for others, it means total solitude. Everyone’s idea of vacation is individual. Our preferences are bound intimately with our habits, and when it’s time to take time off, we usually follow familiar paths. Perhaps, instead of going south, we go a little north this time, but a place that’s still similar nonetheless.

However, I do have some simple advice for you if, during these post-summer and vacation days, you don’t feel entirely rested and renewed or haven’t withdrawn yourself from your mental strains: Please tinker with your settings. How? By traveling to a region you’ve never been to or a climate you’re not used to, especially during a season you would usually avoid. I know this sounds like a recipe for disaster. But let’s continue, if I’ve captured your interest.

Think about the ideal vacation scenario: Where are you, what are you doing, who is with you, how is the weather, what will you be having for dinner… If you’re able to answer all these questions, doesn’t that mean you’re going on a rather routine vacation? The worst that can happen in this scenario is maybe catching a cold or getting an upset stomach, being dissatisfied with the choice of accommodation, or one or two evenings that don’t go as planned.

Now while you still have time (probably a lot of time) until your next vacation, try to imagine a scenario that you would normally never consider. Something else that you perceive as too crazy, far away, dangerous, or boring. A vacation composed of what we’ve never before seen, known, or experienced. But don’t limit your imagination to the world’s most exotic corners or the seven wonders. Every time we see places we’re unaccustomed to, the magic moment of unconsciously distancing ourselves from the little and big problems of our daily lives unfolds.

When we see those gargantuan gorges that have opened up in the land’s surface, the mountain ranges whose peaks we cannot discern, brand new people whose language we cannot understand, or foods that we’re unable to recognize, we are as brand new as our experiences. When we’re living moments embraced by utter astonishment, office woes, worries about the future, and even we ourselves become non-existent… Maybe for the first time we are at one with the universe that’s created us out of nothing.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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