How Good Are We With This Thing Called Love?

Yesterday morning that sweet little street dog was once again waiting at the corner by my house. A young woman who was passing by stopped and showed him such tenderness I couldn’t look away, and I thought about how good we are with love.

Did we falter while specifying our priorities and fail at sparing our time? Or did we incessantly collect moments because of life’s transient essence? Did we present the people we say we loved with a cruelly prepared list of criticisms, or did we praise all their good qualities? Were we the ones to believe in them the most even when they had given up on themselves?

Did we give more importance to being right than being happy? Did we evaluate and shape them according to our own beliefs or did we allow them to taste the liberating tranquility of being themselves entirely? Did we inspire them to become their favorite version?

Did we communicate with emojis rather than carefully selected words? Did we spend time and energy on surprises that we knew would make them happy? Or did we just float along life’s chaotic stream?

Were we there for them during hard times, or were we always ‘busy’?

Did we really listen to them? Were we curious about their feelings, fears, and dreams? Or did we believe there was something else more important out there?

It’s good to remember that love is not only a feeling but also an action. When the people around us feel that they are cared, life reveals its other facets.

After a morning filled with these questions, the evening had me receiving a letter from across the ocean from a friend who I’ve known for thirty years. I smiled emphatically and once again thought about how grand it is to feel loved.

In order to experience this feeling you should first become an expert at bestowing it upon others. If you’re not erroneous in your choice of people, then life’s magical realms, which are not perceptible to others, will reveal themselves to you.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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