Promises and People

I grew up with the idea that it was crucial for people to keep their promises. That’s why appointments, deadlines, and all types of promises, big and small, have always been very important for me. There have been times when my body rang alarm bells and I apologized for my promise. There were times I couldn’t meet deadlines and I asked for more time with apologies. But I was always aware of the value of my promise.

Last week, just as we were about to sign the lease of a new apartment, it was given to someone else. My phone still had the real estate agent’s congratulations message when we were told that the others had given a deposit. It was obvious that a promise didn’t mean much. I wondered when our word lost its value. I was too naïve to think about giving a deposit to guarantee ourselves and I was obviously still that little girl who believed in the value of a person’s promise. The world was changing and I was losing things as I was trying to hold on to my values. I thought, let me lose them then. I want to stay as that little girl who keeps her promises and believes in the promises of others.

I dedicate this piece to all those honest people who sleep soundly at night.


Translated by Talya Arditi

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