I read this piece on The Cut with a smile on my face. I may have even laughed out loud when the writer was talking about those “who now have to waste 15 minutes a day folding their underwear into tiny rectangles”. I imagined myself shopping at second hand stores with the writer who was talking about her joy at finding all the stuff the minimalists were getting rid of.

We all have that one friend whose appetite for shopping pushes us to either purchase amazing pieces or make the biggest fashion mistakes of our lives. Either way, I like to connect the concept of retro more with our minds than with fashion or art. I mean, if looking back isn’t limited to spotting our 70s skirts or 90s straight cuts, then our fashion mistakes are valuable enough. Because sometimes we want to be someone else. We want to do things that are new and unexpected from us. We get bored of our borders.

Just because this is a website where we talk about simple living doesn’t mean that we expect ourselves or our readers to be perfect minimalists. We all have the right to try all the things that we dream of even if we end up regretting them. What is the point of living if we forbid the things that make our eyes sparkle, that make our hearts beat faster, that make us chase after with appetite?


Translated by Talya Arditi

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