Step Back a Little, Climb Up a Little

We’re at a photography exhibition that we’ve wanted to visit for a long time. Considering that the museum has closing hours, we, of course, have a limited amount of time. We’re excited. Just as we begin to look at the photos, one of them falls and the glass shatters to pieces. We’re dumbfounded. The attendants intervene apologizing to the visitors and asking them to continue viewing the exhibition. What would you do? Would you spend your already limited time seeing the other much-awaited photos, or would you focus on this event completely out of your control and continue looking at the broken display?

I think life is similar to this situation. Everyone wants to do a specific thing, that’s personal to them, and within a limited timeframe.  Just like the broken photo, there are things like accidents etc. that are outside your control. This could also be relationship issues that affect you or even unpalatable events that you witness. If we preoccupy ourselves excessively with such things and define ourselves with them, then our lives can become very difficult. After all, life will always present us with such circumstances.

So, you continue to wander the museum. You stop in front of a beautiful photograph. You want to enjoy it. Would you step up close to look at it or step back to see it from afar? And so, when the issue concerns our lives, relationships, and problems, it’s important not to lose that angle.

This time, climb a hill. Look at yourself and your whole life from its peak. Look at your dreams, goals, passions, relationships, and everything that makes up who you are. Does the thing that was preoccupying you seem so big now?

From now on, when something is making you upset, go to a museum or climb a hill. You know what to do, step back a little, climb up a little.


PS: Derin Dündar, thank you for always pulling me back up.


Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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