What Would Happen?

What would happen if…

We didn’t get up early tomorrow?

We put aside our work and instead made a list of our wishes?

That presentation we prepared for so thoroughly didn’t go as well as we hoped?

The people we wouldn’t even want to spend 10 minutes with don’t like us?

We didn’t feel we had to be ill just to garner more attention?

We didn’t submit our bodies to others’ but our own expertise?

We ran on empty, hit rock bottom, and believed things couldn’t get worse?

We didn’t turn on the television today and were unaware of the world’s latest state?

That five-day vacation we so looked forward to was canceled?

Our most trusted friend didn’t hold their promise?

We don’t possess a bikini model body?

Our child is not as successful as we want?

We did what we felt like, rather than what’s expected?

The marriages that extinguished our joy came to an end?

The home that reflects our personality and our lives is no longer ours?

Our neighbors were ashamed of us and family members rejected us?

No one understood our problems and we were all alone?

We did what made us happy rather than what was right?

We made the same mistake twice?

We were late?

We rang the wrong door?

We were cheated on?

We were rejected?

We had an injustice done to us?
We felt degraded?

Gossip was spread about us?

Our name was exposed?

We ran out of money?

Didn’t eat anything today?

We gave up everything and left, or continued as it were?

Whether this post goes on or not, it’s possible.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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