The Art of Editing

The idea of living simply allowed me to have a magical moment the other day, again.

We moved. As I was packing, I realized that, just as William Morris suggested, among my possessions there was nothing left that I no longer used or found beautiful. Everything I owned either had a purpose that made my life easier or an inspiring beauty. This was no doubt the result of a long process. It didn’t happen overnight or even in the course of a few months. It happened after years of allowing myself the time and freedom to make my own decisions. My habits and preferences might as well change after this point but what will remain with me is the skill of sorting things out (as I love to say “editing”). A skill that I internalized about clothes, projects, sentences and even people. 

This is the result of a laborious period of getting to know myself. That is exactly why a book or a person can’t tell us what we need to sort out in our own lives. They could be a torch that lights the way but we are the ones who need to decide on which direction to go. 

Let’s take some time to think today putting aside all the rules, all that’s been written about. What do we want to eliminate from our lives and what do we want to keep? As your mind learns to think this way, you’ll see yourself witnessing more miracles. 


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