An Obsession with Health

My friend (A) gave some advice to my other friend (B) recently. Or to put it another way, A, albeit with good intentions, made B doubt a habit of hers: This habit was harmful, it was scientifically proven, so why did B keep on doing it?  

Surprised and confused, B tried to come up with an explanation for her habit. To me, the fact that B enjoyed this habit was enough of an explanation. But whenever we are attacked with medical threats, we all stutter. It’s as if a long and healthy life is a religion with only one formula and we all must care about following that formula. But I’m sure you know 85 year olds who are regular smokers, haven’t run 1km in their lives, love fried foods yet enjoy good health. Obviously, we all know about the potential rules that support a long and healthy life. But if adopting these rules makes us judgemental towards others, turning us into a sort of health police, isn’t there something wrong in the picture? If not in terms of physical health but in terms of mental health? 

In this story, both A and B are adults and adults are responsible for their choices whether we like their choices or not. What kind of danger or threat do we feel inside that we feel compelled to judge another’s choice even though it has no bearing on our life?


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