The Magic of Communication

The other day when I was shopping for strawberries at the supermarket, I was hit by a shopping cart in the back. I turned around, thinking this was an accident, to find out that the woman who had pushed the cart towards me had done so knowingly. I was trying to understand what was happening when she said “Well, don’t just stand there in the middle of the road.” Even though what she referred to as “the road” was simply the part of the isle where the strawberries were, I said “If you said you wanted to pass, I would have moved away.” I’m not going to get into an argument about how civilized or uncivilized we are. Instead, I want to focus on the way we choose to communicate. 

I wondered if we expect our needs to be recognized without telling them? Do we get angry when we can’t get what we want? Do we wait helplessly without sharing our desires?

Just as we won’t get the meal we want without ordering it, the same goes for all parts of life. Learning to ask for what we want and to express ourselves correctly may be the first step in having peaceful relationships. 

I wanted all of us to take a moment to think: how will we benefit from expressing our desires or needs to people? Who do we need to talk to instead of waiting with a shopping cart or pushing it on someone’s back?


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