Why Can’t We Give It Up?

No, the subject of this post is not about belongings.

Why can’t we just accept the concretely unchanging relationship we have with our part of the world? Even though we’re fully aware that it has made us nothing but enemies, why can’t we let go of our passion to belong to a country, race, or religion? Especially, when the purpose of it all is to experience what it means to live on this bit of earth, expressing ourselves and discovering others during a lifetime that is inevitably limited, and really tasting the air, the water, and the love.

In our part of the world, even the apolitical are subject to the unsavory posters, slogans, and marches from the sides who are battling each other. Especially, when these are useless in changing one’s mind. Why can’t we let go of these timeless tactics?

In our part of the world, we criticize the winners who don’t give up when they lose, but are we able to give up our chic and entitled societal positions? Our private healthcare packages, our retirement bonuses, our seat as director, expert, president? Aren’t we the ones who, like a well wound-up toy, sit in the same seat every day even though we spent a lifetime cursing it?

Well then, why should the attitudes of our leaders be any different? One of the best ways to present our chosen world perspective and the troubles we’ve acquired is not through idle chatter, but through the ability of letting go. Perhaps, in this part of the world we inhabit, every moment we are encouraged to not let go or are left gaping like an imbecile, is an opportunity to change our perspective.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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