Warning: Low Battery

In recent years we’ve begun to run after power outlets. We’re terrified of not reaching or not being reached through that little smart world. The charging cable is ever present at our side and in our bags. We, who have come up with endless inventions like attachable self-charging units, falter terribly when it comes to ourselves. In fact, our own system functions perfectly and similarly emits warning signs when necessary; physically, spiritually, and mentally. Then why is this particular charging not as important? Are we confused because sometimes it’s achieved by draining? Less people, less work, and even less words.

At this point, the theme of knowing oneself reoccurs. Without a doubt, we’re all unique due to all the small attributes that make us who we are. However, there’s only one distinction that can help us. In essence, we’re all closer to an extroverted or introverted disposition. Sometimes when I share the idea of my own introversion with other people, I’m met with surprise. The fact that there’s a lot of misapprehension in terms of this subject will become the theme of another post, but for those in need of an introduction, this Brian Little speech is quite inspiring.

The main issue is to determine what is extinguishing our energy and what we need to regain it. Perhaps, you’ll simply be recharged when you get your sleep, or when you spend more time with your loved ones. Maybe when you speed up or slow down your tempo.

The other day the ‘battery low,’ warning appeared to me as well, and I put on my sneakers and embraced the beach, in the midst of morning silence, as my own. The percentage became 100% instantaneously. There’s nothing like knowing where those charging units are hidden.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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